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Club Basketball is the best place to compete against the best youth basketball players and teams.

The Jr.Timberwolves club program is for those players who want to be challenged and want to play High School basketball or beyond. Teams are formed through tryouts and coached by professional coaches.


The Jr.Timberwolves Club Program starts at the beginning of April and lasts till the beginning/mid of July.

There are two team practices per week during the program.

Age groups include U16-17, U15, U14, U13 and U11-12

The Jr.Timberwolves teams will travel and play the top youth level teams in BC, Alberta. Usually there are 2-4 tournaments per team.

Cost $330,- + fees for out of town tournament


This development program is intended to provide high level coaching and training for those serious about improving their game and learning to train in a competitive environment.

The primary focus is on fundamental skill development. There will also be time spent on agility and motor skills training to improve overall athletic abilities as well as team play concepts.

Program starts second weekend of September.  One session per week (usually Sundays), for 10 weeks.

All girls separated by age groups and skill level.

For grade 3-7, 2 hours per week, cost $230.-

For grade 8-12, 3 hours per week, cost $330,-


High Performance Training program – Weekly Individualized training Program will be created for each player.


The aim of this program is enhance athlete’s skills through specific basketball drills and strength and conditioning training. In addition, we will provide off court training as mental training and nutritional workshop. Players will receive regular skill analysis  and assessment.

High Performance Training Program Highlights:


  • Individualized Program, skill analysis and assessment

  • Improved basketball skills (Ball handling, shooting, passing, defense etc.)

  • Improved strength and conditioning, co-ordination, flexibility

  • Improved confidence

  • 12-15 hours a month of intensive training. 3 hours of training sessions each week (2x1.5 hour or 3x1 hour)

  • High level coaches


The program is recommended for athletes who want to compete in high level (College and University level) and looking for rigorous training to improve their skills mentally and physically.

Cost: $399,-


Private basketball lessons will help youth players refine and improve technical basketball skills. The instructor will provide one-on-one-attention and pinpoint new techniques and drills personalized to the player’s needs.


We also offer semi-private lessons where two athletes can train with a basketball coach.

All private lessons are one hour each and are delivered by our elite coaches.


Private Lessons Rate:

 1 lesson:   $80,-

 5 lessons: $350.-

Semi-Private Lessons Rate:

 1 lesson:    $65.-

 5 lessons:  $275.-


This skill-specific clinic teaches players to perfect their shot through focused, repetitive drills that help improve their success in shooting. 


You have heard that “perfect practice makes perfect performance,” and this could not be truer for a player who strives to become an excellent shooter.  This clinic will teach you the techniques you need to ensure proper form, build muscle memory, and develop an easily repeatable shooting stroke, using good fundamentals. 

  • Ten sessions of intensive instruction on the fundamentals of shooting with an understanding that every player’s shot is unique and requires individual attention

  • High-level repetition – form shooting, catch & shoot, shooting off of the dribble and screens

  • Emphasis on the balance, footwork and “shot preparation” needed to create more opportunities for higher percentage shots


Challenges and drills designed to help players improve their balance, footwork and speed of their shot

Cost (10 sessions):  $300.-


Elite ball handlers are not born that way.  The comfort level and confidence that high level ball handlers project is the result of countless hours practicing their craft.  This skill-specific clinic is an opportunity for players not only to hone their ball handling skills, but also work on the practical application of those skills to game situations.  Every player will benefit from the battery of skill, drills and techniques taught with the goal of boosting your confidence and ability to compete at the next level. 


Confidence is key to your success in basketball, and we guarantee you will be more confident in your dribbling and ball handling skills at the conclusion of this program.

Cost (10 sessions):  $300.-



Timberwolves Spring Basketball Camps take place during Spring Break


At the end of August UNBC Timberwolves hosts its annual Basketball camps in Terrace. Sergey Shchepotkin, a former professional basketball player, currently UNBC Women’s Basketball Head Coach, as well as members of the teams will be coaching this 3 day camp. The UNBC Timberwolves basketball program has recently entered the highly competitive league of Canada West and is continuing to make a strong name for basketball in the North.

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